Snow Globe Dragon Bleu 

Enhance Material
MIN MAX +297
HP 1225 1225 2215
ATK 918 918 1413
RCV 220 220 715
LVL 1 1
XP 1 1500000
Cost 13
Rarity 5
Inheritable? No
Collab? No
Ultimate Evolution? False
Four-Leaf Blessing
One-Shot Challenge!-No Continues
Ultimate Arena-No Continues
1st REMDra Fever!
2nd REMDra Fever!-7x6 Board
One-Shot Challenge!-No Continues
Snow Globe Rush!
Event Gift Dungeon [2]
Event Gift Dungeon [12]
Event Gift Dungeon [7]
Famitsu 30th Anniversary Dungeon
Snow Globe Rush!
Gift from the Sacred Water
5-Year Celebration: Snow Globe Rush!
REMDra Descended!
Gift from the Bean Dragons
Streaming Event Gift
Super Snow Globe Rush!
Fest Ltd. Heroine Apology Dungeon-Water
Alt. Ultimate Arena-No Continues
Special Daily Snow Globe Dungeon!
Special Daily Snow Globe Dungeon!
Multiplayer Gleaming Sky's Contest-No Continues
Special Event Dungeon!